Billing Solutions
  Billing & Client Management Systems    
  The Host Manager visit link   ModernGigabyte visit link
The Host Manager is a complete hosting and billing automation solution. It automatically manages your clients, handles the billing, and automates the hosting signup process..
  ModernBill is the central peice of the ModernGigabyte system. It will be the glue that pulls your business together and the engine that will make it run
  Advanced VoIP visit link   AgileBill visit link
Advanced VoIP is a suite of applications providing complete VoIP billing Software to VoIP Providers and Internet Service Providers. It is specifically developed to handle huge and fast growing volume of traffic
  AgileBill is the ultimate “agile” billing solution as it will expand to fit your needs - no matter how small your business is or how large it becomes
  Merchant Account Services    
  Gotmerchant visit link   FraudGate visit link
  Get signed up and use an Internet gateway such as We take care of the merchant account and gateway service for you.
FraudGate™ allows you to significantly reduce the number of fraudulent orders you process. Achieving this allows you to avoid chargeback fees and be in good standing with the major credit card companies
  CDGcommerce visit link   2Checkout visit link
Receive the industry's best merchant technology, support & pricing with a merchant account from CDGcommerce - a trusted specialist in Internet payment processing since 1998 with one of the largest portfolios of today's leading Web hosting companies
  At its easiest you simply enter your products or services into our product database and add the buttons or links that are automatically created for you to your site. When buyers click on the links to pay, 2CO handles the sale in a secure environment.
  Netbilling Services visit link   Verotel visit link
NETBILLING provides complete transaction processing and call center solutions at INCREDIBLE RATES with and extreme amount of CONTROL and FLEXIBILITY. Netbilling has the perfect solution for membership and product based web sites of any size and volume
  Verotel offers a world-wide range of billing methods for your website, including VISA, MasterCard and JCB credit cards, Korean credit cards, Chinese debit cards, direct debit in European countries, pay per phonecall, pay per minute, SMS billing and more
  Epochsystems visit link   Standardpay visit link
  Epoch Offers:
- The fastest online transactions available anywhere
- Enhanced management and site administration tools
- Sophisticated and scalable fraud protection
- 24/7/365 customer and client support
- Redundant processing and back up systems
StandardPay offers a reliable credit card processing solution including Internet Merchant Accounts, advanced fraud filtering, recurring billing, fast and easy setup, timely payouts and a flexible volume based pricing structure. In addition full merchant sales and administrative tools are available as well as affiliate tracking, multi currency processing and 24/7/365 in-house customer support
  Universal Processing  visit link visit link
We specialize in handling high risk merchant account processing via credit card, eCheck and telephone billing. We offer ACH and IBC services as well. We are also Adult merchant account experts. Custom built processing solutions tailored to your specific needs
PSBill provides credit card processing for low-risk and high risk businesses, payment and merchant account, billing solutions, credit cards, offshore


  Mercantec visit link   Merchant Express visit link
A Complete Solution for Integrating Payment Processing with Your PowerSoftCart Storefront Building your PowerSoftCart storefront is the foundation for selling online
  We want to be your full service Merchant Account Provider. We treat our clients like we want to be treated. We provide all our business customers with top notch support and service
  BluePay visit link   DBS Bank visit link
The BlueMerchant Shopping Cart is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that allows you to create and edit your own shopping cart in a secure environment.
  DBS d2pay is an innovative online payment service that lets customers pay participating merchants from their web-sites by directly debiting the payment from customers' accounts.
  E-Gold visit link   IntelliPay visit link
e-gold is an electronic currency, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. e-gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money.
  Use LinkSmart when you want or need our payment systems to serve secure payment and receipt pages for you. From a simple HTML link from your web site you send us the total sale amount and other information
  Credit Card Processors    
  Paypal visit link   CCNOW visit link
  Accept payments cost-effectively, with no setup or monthly fees, and low transaction fees. Get paid securely, backed by an industry-leading fraud prevention system and effective risk management models.  
CCNow eliminates the need to struggle with merchant accounts and shopping cart software. CCNow provides:

- Credit Card Processing
- Merchant Account
- Shopping Cart
- Secure Checkout
  CCBill visit link   Commercegate visit link
  CCBill’s online processing services provide a full-featured, ready-to-use solution that gets your website up and selling quickly and easily.
Providing you the optimal billing solution. High Speed Credit Card billing is our key knowledge. When adding high-end risk management and advanced alternative billing products to our credit card billing capabilities we can grow your sales and secure your profitability